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How do you feel about your work? Studies by Gallup report that only 35% of workers are engaged in their work. The other 65% of workers see their work as just a job to produce income or are actively disengaged and miserable in their work! If you are a part of the 65% of workers who are dissatisfied, not engaged, or feel that God is calling you to live and work in a new way, Live Your Calling is a resource that can change your life.

No matter what stage in life you are at–high school, college, quarter-life transition, age-30 transition, midlife or retirement–Live Your Calling provides a practical guide to finding and fulfilling your mission in life.

A pragmatic and inspirational guide, Live Your Calling will help you identify and use your God-given gifts to find significance, direction, and joy in your life and work. Live Your Calling helps in developing a theologically sound understanding of calling while providing practical tools and an innovative, proven process for discerning God’s will for your career and/or life.

At you can read the first chapter of Live Your Calling, access resources for starting a Live Your Calling small group, understand your most important or primary calling, learn about becoming a Life Calling Coach and be inspired to live your calling in work and life.

*We recommend purchasing a physical new copy of Live Your Calling, as there are six assessments that in the Kindle version are difficult to complete and used copies may have writing on the assessments and the Life Calling Map.



Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck

We are so glad that you have found our website,!  Here you will find resources to discover and live your calling through using our book Live Your Calling: A Practical Guide to Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life.

As National Certified Career Counselors and Life Calling Coaches, our mission is to help people discover their purpose in work and life. We all desire to understand God’s calling and to make decisions that are within God’s will for our lives. Our book, Live Your Calling, is the result of having spent more than 25 years assisting thousands of individuals in discovering their unique, God-given design, finding work that fits their design, and discerning their calling. Live Your Calling has been used in church small groups, reading clubs, college classes, seminaries, church leadership training, workshops and spiritual gift classes and by Christian organizations for career development. We personally have used Live Your Calling in teaching freshman college classes, conducting day long retreats and in speaking/consultiing at organizations such as Houghton College, Taylor University, Asbury Seminary, Spring Arbor University, World Impact, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and many churches.

Our hope and prayer is that Live Your Calling will be a resource in your life that enables you to discover and use your God-given gifts to find significance, direction, and joy in your work and life.

In addition to, we invite you to use our other websites (listed below) which feature resources such as ministry job boards, a Christian job fair, and an online assessment to identify work that fits your motivated skills.

Recommended Websites

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Mission/Missonary Jobs, Church Jobs, Ministry Jobs, Christian School Jobs, Volunteer Opportunities, and Many Other Jobs with Christian Organizations.

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Since 1997, has helped Christian job seekers to find their calling in church jobs, ministry jobs, and other church staffing and employment roles.

Career Fit Test

The Career Fit Test is a unique, comprehensive online assessment that provides an easy and energizing way to discover and link your strengths to work that is meaningful, purposeful, and joyful.


I heartily recommend Live Your Calling as a guidebook for dreaming the dreams God has created you to pursue and equipping you to fulfill them.

– Ken Wales, veteran filmmaker; CBS Television series, executive producer, Christy


An incredibly helpful book for any person who is searching for their calling and the realization of all the, dreams pertaining thereto.

– Dr. Neil Clark Warren, psychologist and founder,


This remarkable book will enable every follower of Christ to recognize and respond to God’s calling on his or her life. I commend it heartily and unreservedly.

– Dr. Ted W. Engstrom, president emeritus, World Vision

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