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Never before have I seen so many Christians evidencing such an overwhelming sense of insignificance; the feeling that their lives don’t count for anything. The reason is clear: many have no sense of “calling.” This book offers help for the reader to form a ‘life calling map’ that can guide them into a greater sense of significance for their lives. I commend it for its practicality, strong theological rootedness, and its psychological soundness.”
—Archibald Hart, Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

I have learned that God’s plans for me are more extraordinary than anything I could imagine for myself. Amazing things will happen as you learn to recognize God’s signposts in your life, put your feet on His path, and commit yourself to follow where He leads. I heartily recommend Live Your Calling as a guidebook for dreaming the dreams God has created you to pursue, and equipping you to fulfill them.
—Ken Wales, Veteran filmmaker, and Executive producer CBS Television series, “CHRISTY”

This book is exactly what it claims to be. It is a practical guide to finding and fulfilling your mission in life. Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck have provided insight from their considerable counseling experience, the social sciences, and biblical-based wisdom to assist readers in the quest for meaning, significance, and fulfillment while acknowledging each person’s personal giftedness, aspirations and their pursuit of happiness. I doubt that there is any greater source of anxiety in modern life larger than the quest for significance that can only be found in a personal sense of calling and mission. This is a truly helpful and informed book for searchers and professionals.
—Dr. Jay Kesler, President Emeritus of Taylor University

What you do with your life deeply impacts you. This work is a gift to those who are searching and to those who help light the way.
—Tim Clinton, Ed.D. , President , American Association of Christian Counselors

Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck have written an incredibly helpful book for any person who is searching after their calling and the realization of all the dreams “pertaining thereto.” These seasoned professionals have helped hundreds of people to discover the career paths which have brought them so much joy. I deeply believe this book can help you too.
—Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Psychologist and Founder,

Every earnest and responsible Christ follower wants ultimately to know how he or she can live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and honoring to God. This remarkable book opens up a “tool box,” a “life calling map” and significant “action steps” which will enable every follower of Christ to recognize and respond to God’s calling on that life. I commend it heartily and unreservedly.
—Dr. Ted Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision

Here is a superb road map for understanding your potential, finding God’s will, and investing your life productively for Christ. I highly recommend this book—for the young person establishing life priorities, the retired person re-establishing life goals and for anyone at a major turning point.
—M. Blaine Smith, Director of Nehemiah Ministries and author of Knowing God’s Will

In a world too often marked by transience and a sense of “getting by,” this book presents a challenging alternative. If clarifies the exciting possibilities of understanding your purpose and lays out very practical steps to fulfilling your calling.
Robby Richardson, Director of Internet Ministries, Gospel Communications International

Every person is enormously complex, so the search for a vocational path is often bewildering work. The tools and principles gathered in this book can help young adults get their bearings and conquer obstacles.
—Rebecca Horst, Director of the CALL Project, Goshen College

I have been looking for a quality book to use with my students that is biblically sound and theoretically well-grounded, and this is it. Live Your Calling is spiritually astute, sophisticated in its use of vocational assessments, and completely practical.
—Dana Alexander, Director, Office of Life Planning, Westmont College

All human beings have an innate desire to know their purpose. Kevin and Kay Marie have written a wonderful book that helps us discover, from a spiritual and natural gifting perspective, God’s unique purpose for our life. Every person needs to know why God made them. This book will help you move toward a greater understanding of this.
—Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders and the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries

Live Your Calling continues the journey started by Os Guinness in The Call. It is a practical exercise in understanding your unique calling, stretching your God-sized vision, and living it out where God has placed you. These tools help you maximize your effectiveness in your workplace and in every part of your life.
—Kent Humphreys, President, Fellowship of Companies for Christ International

One of our deepest desires in life includes understanding and experiencing our unique identity, individual purpose, special significance, and distinctive role as ‘our contribution’ within the world.  The Brennflecks uniquely and strategically provide an interactive process to identify, explore, experience, and confirm our personal giftedness, which enhances our sense of individual destiny and worth resulting in deep feelings of personal fulfillment.    
—Dr. Gordon E. Kirk, Senior Pastor, Lake Ave Church, Pasadena

This book reflects sensitive, careful and practical thinking about the nature of God’s call. It is the ideal handbook for churches, organizations and small groups serious about discipleship and helpng people find their calling and live their dreams for the kingdom of God. For any one searching for a way to serve and to make a difference in the world this ought to be the next book on your reading list.

This book is a great companion book to The Purpose-Driven Life. In practical ways, it helps people discover their “shape” and live their lives in light of their God-given design.
—Jim Holsclaw, Training and Development Resources, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

I have known Kay Marie and Kevin for more than 20 years. I have even sent others to them for career and life counseling. After reading Live Your Calling I enthusiastically recommend this to anyone questioning the calling of their life. I believe each of us have been gifted by God to lean into the gifts and abilities He has given us. The purpose of your life is out there to be discovered. This book and the tools provided by Kay Marie and Kevin can be a road map to make that discovery. I highly recommend it to you.
—Jon Wallace, President, Azusa Pacific University

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